Explore a world of small details that catch the eye and light up the heart

Candyshock is the light of L10,

the Italian company that distributes coolness all over the world.
We consider it the handkerchief in the pocket, the texture on the porcelain plate,
it is Mars in the distance in the starry sky.

we wanted a place in people’s minds

Candyshock is about you

For us, an empty wall is like a canvas waiting to be decorated.
With CandyShock signs you say something about yourself without
speaking, you can describe your personality with a touch of light.
Our concept goes straight to people’s hearts, so much that the signs were still under development when the first orders had already arrived.

About our products

Candyshock are light signs made in a special silicone LED tube and a shaped plexiglass panel as a support. Unlike neon lights, they are not made of glass, they don’t contain gas or mercury, they don’t produce heat, don’t emit nor contain harmful substances and are maintenance free.

Our sign are super simple to install,
they just require screwing to a wall or a structure capable
of supporting weight of 10kg or more.
In addition, we provide a free screw kit in each box.

Plugging your new LED neon sign in is as easy as plugging in a lamp.
The only thing you need is an available outlet.

We only use high quality materials that comply with industry standards.
All our products are handmade, glued to the base already equipped with holes for quick assembly, they are resistant and easy to clean.

Our LED neon signs are designed for indoor use, Candy Shock will not be
responsible for replacing any water damaged pieces.